Race Team Parents

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Parent participation is required for your sailor to be a part of the Travel Race Team. That includes traveling and chaperoning at regattas.
Prior to the start of the season a mandatory parent orientation session to explain the details of the Race Program will take place. Sailors of parents who do not attend will not be permitted to participate in the Travel Race Program.

Parent Orientation Meeting:
Thursday June 1, 2017, 6:30PM
Rickoff Community Boathouse

  • Review of how parents are involved in the program.
  • Introduction of instructors.
  • Attendance policies
  • Student drop-off and pick-ups
  • Planning of the program
  • Rules and expected behavior
  • Disciplinary code
  • Participation agreement
  • Necessary forms and paperwork
  • Who to contact if a problem arises
  • Items to bring to class
  • Provided a copy of the Parents Race Team Manual
  • Provided a copy of the Junior Sailing Safety Manual

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June 17 - Sandusky
June 21 - Edgewater

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