Racing Fleet Divisions


Lake Shark Down WindIC2.jpgFormed to promote easy, low cost, fun racing that offers the thrills of the start, tactical challenges of the race yet minimize the heavy crew work and super competitiveness that spinnaker racing can sometimes require. The emphasis is on FUN. It is specifically intended to be a starting point for new racers. The Family Jam Division offers you the ability to sail with your entire family including young children, spouse and friends.

The division races using a handicap system with seconds per mile time allowance that is applied to each boat’s elapsed time during the race. These adjusted times are compared to determine the winner in each class. This system allows boats of different size and speed to compete together and is generally labeled "handicap racing".

Our FAMILY JAM DIVISION is low cost and easy because we will assign a handicap without charge.  Assigned rating will match standard spinnaker PHRF ratings as best as possible.  Most F-JAM & JAM boats however will benefit from acquiring a PHRF certificate. We also use a sliding handicap system that gives a bonus to all boats that did not place in a race. The boats that scored first, second and third have their handicap reduced by 9, 6 and 3 seconds respectively for the balance of the racing season. These handicap adjustments require additional scoring efforts but are worthwhile since they tend to give all competitors a better chance to move up in finish position during the racing season.

In addition, the FAMILY JAM DIVISION is divided into several classes determined by the race committee. There is no hard rule here however; a general guideline is the committee attempts to group sailors by their experienced level as well as to group the boats by size and speed potential. The intent is to be fair yet continuing to make the racing challenging and fun for everyone.

The FAMILY JAM DIVISION schedule has been broken down into many groups of three races. Each series of races is scored separately to give ample opportunity for boat owners to receive the numerous awards and individual trophies available. This series format also gives the new skippers and crew the chance to meet and mix with the other racers at one of the many free award parties, thanks to the many generous sponsors at the conclusion of each series.

A very low entry fee covers the entire season and Early Bird payment receives a healthy discount. It’s a fun summer package that includes many free pre-season events, post race deck parties, awards presentations, door prizes, free food & beverages and fun. What's more, if you are new to the fleet, you can join in on all of this fun for a mere $50.


Uses only jib and main sails. These races are held in conjunction with the Spinnaker Division schedule however without the use of a spinnaker. These races are scored using the initial handicap without the adjustments applied in the separate Family Jam Division.  This handicap does not change if the boat places in the top three as in the Family JAM Division.



A very competitive group that races a full schedule of races both locally and out of town. PHRF-LE membership and a current rating certificate are required for each entrant. These boats race the local schedule and many compete in regional events such as: The Interclub Cruise, I-LYA Regatta, Youngstown Yacht Club Regatta, Cleveland Race Week, Falcon Cup and LYRA and more.  Locally, these boats battle for the major trophies in our EYC display case including the Annette Cup (1907), Koehler Cup, Wolford Trophy, Commodore’s Award, The Zurn Trophy, The Niagara Cup, Mayor’s Cup, Governor’s Cup and Boat of the Year among countless others.